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First Portfolio Update of 2015

Published: 2015-01-31 15:22:00 EST by Unknown

After my last post on September 4th, 2014, I became remise in my posting. As a result the first post of 2015 is a catch up post.

Since September 4th, I mostly sat back and collected dividends while adding to my cash position. Then on December 3rd I used some of that cash position to increase my position in T at $34. I chose to do so because it fell under the short term support of $34.50, but the attractive dividend influenced me to increase my multiple on it. Since then it has dropped even further to as low as $32.07, but is currently $32.92. Going back 5 years $32 is approximately the current support level, and below that it is about $27.50. As a student of both fundamentals and technicals, I think T is a strong blue chip with a near 6% payout. At the support levels I mentioned I would buy more simply because I'm looking for a stream of revenue, and T is supplying that.

My next purchase was on December 5th for BGS at $28.50. I bought it also because of the attractive dividend (~4.6%) and because it is one of the few stocks I've found that payout in the first phase of the quarter. This purchase added to my already existing position. Currently it is $29.84 and going down. BGS is close to it's trending support. I will be looking into buying more around here.

My next purchase was on December 12th for ETP at $60. This is another dividend based purchase at nearly 6.5%. Currently it is priced at $61.40 and going up from a low of $58.54. This is another one I'm looking into buying more of.

My last purchase of the year was on December 23rd for GSK at $43. This one is an addition to my portfolio. I bought it because of the greater than 5.5% payout and that it is also one of the few that pays out in the first phase of the quarter. The issue to be aware of is that GSK is on a down trend after a 4.5 year up trend. But there were two recent bounces around $41.25. GSK currently sits at $44 and I believe it will be stabilizing in the range of $41-$46.

That's my opinion. What's yours? Disclaimer: See bottom of page.

T - At&t Inc
BGS - B & G Foods Inc
ETP - Energy Transfer Partners LP
GSK - Glaxo Smith Kline PLC

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