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I added to ETP, and the price dropped; am I missing something?

Published: 2015-03-01 00:19:00 EST by Unknown

I am more than a few days behind on this post, I do apologize. I am trying to keep my posts as close to the day of trade. This, however, is an improvement over my last post.

Excuses aside, on February 23rd, I added to my position of ETP. The price of the purchase was $59.95 per share. This purchase was at the opening of the day following earnings. On the day of the purchase, and the following three days, the price drifted down; but not by much and on below average volume. On the forth day after the purchase, the price went up and closed above the opening price of the past three days; but, unfortunately, still below my purchase price by about 50 cents.

What I am seeing by this price movement is that the market is only accepting earnings and the future prospects as okay. My primary concern for this stock is that it continues to payout its dividend. At 6.69%, I am very happy to accept. As long as ETP continues to earn enough to cover its dividend, I don't see any reason to worry or reconcider.

My philosophy for stock purchases is to curate a portfolio capable of paying for my bills and putting spending money in my pocket. Currently, ETP is a key contributor to that philosophy. If I'm missing something, I am more than willing to review any criticism.

That's my opinion. What's yours? Disclaimer: See bottom of page.

ETP - Energy Transfer Partners LP

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