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Portfolio Update: Back in the Game

Published: 2014-07-26 11:52:00 EDT by Unknown

Hello, World! I'm back after a long hiatus. My situation has settled down, so now I have the liquidity to make some trades, and therefore posts. And for my first trade I purchased shares of BGS at $29.45, rounding up the fractional cents.

While I've been away I've still been watching my positions and the fundamentals are still good for all of my dividend scheduled positions (BGS, CNK, ETP, JNJ, MCD, PEP, PG, T) except one,  AGNC. AGNC is just OK, but the dividend and placement in my dividend schedule makes it hard to give up on it.

Regarding the charts, the price of BGS has come down to levels where the buy price is low and I can get more shares for my money. This increases my dividend payouts by giving me a higher dividend multiplier. With an increased dividend payout, I can also increase my reinvestment over a shorter period of time until the account becomes self-funding. And that is the ultimate goal. Have the account pay me and not me paying into it.

That's my opinion. What's yours? Disclaimer: See bottom of page.

AGNC - American Capital Agency Corp
BGS - B&G Foods Inc
CNK - Cinemark Holdings Inc
ETP - Energy Transfer Partners LP
JNJ - Johnson & Johnson
MCD - McDonald's Corp
PEP - PepsiCo Inc
PG - Procter & Gamble Co
T - AT&T Inc

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