As a programmer, I have to supply a means of illustrating the work I can do. For the most part, my past work gets embeded into software written by a team of programmers. This makes it difficult to accurately present myself. The only other option is to produce some of my own work and display it here.

I will have a number of on-going projects to illustrate my capabilities. For instance, as the web advances I will have to increase my knowledge of the capabilities of the web languages that renders it. For this reason I have an HTML5 project where I demonstrate my capabilities in using HTML5's new features.

With me having a hobby of photography, I plan on showing my work through a website I own. This website is Joel Lasorbric Photography.

Since I do not plan on having to program for the rest of my life I invest my money. One of those ways is through the buying and selling of stocks. To do it well you have to analyze a lot of data. To do that I have created my own Stock Analysis code that lays out the fundamental and technical information I use to make my choices.