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Portfolio Update: Change of Situation Resulting in a Change of Plans

Published: 2013-10-25 00:18:00 EDT by Unknown

My situation has changed and so must my financial plans. Currently I have to liquidate some funds, so on Thursday the 24th I put in orders to sell my loosing positions, AGNC, GLD, and TLT. On the same day, all three orders executed and I have the following report to make.

My GLD order executed at $129.41.

My TLT order executed at $108.63.

My AGNC order executed at $24.05.

That's my opinion. What's yours? Disclaimer: See bottom of page.

AGNC - American Capital Agency Corp
GLD - SPDR Gold Trust
TLT - iShares 20+ Year Treasury

Updated: 2014-01-13 08:58:07 EST