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Portfolio Update: Put Exercised

Published: 2011-06-19 14:12:00 EDT by Unknown

As of this post, the weekend past was option expiration and my CIM put options for the 4$ strike was exercised against my cash. This put's me in at a 55 cent per share loss, less that cost of the premium that I collected for the option. Although this is an initial negative, I am satisfied with the result. The result being that my total position is now 400 shares and I can adjust my option order for the 4.50$ December calls from 1 contract to 4 contracts. I will also be increasing my limit for the STO order to 25 cents per contract share which is a net of about 92$ if it gets purchased. Not to mention I get to hold onto an expected 56$ after the next dividend payout between now and December. That is my opinion, you can take it or leave it. Disclaimer: See bottom of page.

CIM - Chimera Investment Corp.
STO - sell-to-open / sold-to-open

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Updated: 2011-06-19 14:22:32 EDT