Hello! And welcome to my portfolio-of-work website. I've been working as a professional web developer for about 18 years, and as a professional web developer, it is important that I have a means to illustrate the kind of work I am capable of doing, and the experience I have acquired during my career.

One thing I learned in my approximately 18 years as a professional web developer is that it is in your best interest to be flexible. I learned this while working on a number of different projects, each one of them utilized a different CMS with plugins and themes, or built from the ground up with one or more Frameworks, either pre-packaged or "homebrewed". And each time I had to balance their weaknesses against their strengths. Since this site is all mine, I can be completely flexible and use packaged libraries and APIs as I see fit.

Because I dabble in a number of different things, my portfolio illustrates that diversity. For instance, besides being a professional web developer, I am also an amateur investor, photographer, blogger, and entrepreneur.


As an investor, it is very important that I watch what is going on in the markets. So I made use of the Ally Invest API provided by my discount broker. At least I did until my access was terminated. In lieu of that I created this nifty module with a little help from Yahoo! Finance. It allows me to see what the market indices are doing the second I come to my website.


Quotes by Yahoo! Finance

My Blog: Investor's Opinion

I also have a desire to share my opinion, so I blog. Currently, I only blog about my investing decisions and issues I think affect the stock market. Below is the most recent post that I've made.




Please, wonder about the site. See what I have to offer. If you need or want to contact me, you can click on my name in the footer and send me an email.